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UNISA is an Open Distance Learning university which means that students study at their own homes and not on campus. There are no lectures to attend with other students or lecturers. 

Students have to be self-motivated to study and complete assignments.

Tutorials are invariably e-tutorials which use “myUNISa” video conferencing, email or Skype. 

Some modules have compulsory e-tutorials.

The Sunnyside campus offers a Conference centre with quaint heritage buildings and is well situated in the centre of Pretoria.

The Enoch Sontonga Conference Complex is now only available for graduations, high profile functions like music concerts and some approved functions.

Pretoria Normaal Kollege used this campus from 1902 to 1980s and then it was used by the Pretoria College of Education. 

In 1992 UNISA purchased the property and revamped five of the buildings for conference purposes.

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