Towards the end of the nineteenth century, a Hungarian entrepreneur, Alois Nellmaplus, was contracted to build a better route to Delagoa Bay.  Trading stores sprang up along this route, one of which was Alf Roberts’ Trading Store, near the ford. The route was used between 1874 and 1892 but fell into disuse after the railway line to Delagoa Bay was opened. The kindly host later met his death by some unknown assailant in his store at Malelane. 

All that remains of the Alf Roberts Trading Store today is marked by a couple of mounds and a few broken bottles.

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Alf Roberts Trading Store
Adresse: Southern Region, Kruger National Park
LimpopoAfrique du Sud
25° 23′ 33,281″ S, 31° 40′ 46,855″ E

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