Masorini, a village dating back to the 19th century with the remains of foundries, including a smelting furnace, grinding stones, postsherds, and stonewalls can be found 11 km from the Phalaborwa entrance gate, on the road to the Letaba Restcamp. The village was restored as truthfully as possible, in 1973.

The ancestors of the Baphalaborwa, who made a living from the melting of iron, were resident here. The forgers lived on the higher terrace at Masorini because of their higher standing in society, while the smelters lived on the lower terrace. There is a splendid view of Shikumbu Hill, where the Chieftain once lived, from the Masorini hilltop.

Masorini ceased as a settlement following the rise of the Zulu Kingdom, early in the 19th Century.

There is a site museum and picnic area at the foot of the hill and guided tours to the top, where the reconstructed huts and furnace can be seen.

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Masorini Archaeological site
11km from Phalaborwa on the Letaba Rd
Northern Region, Kruger National Park
LimpopoAfrique du Sud
23° 55′ 18,35″ S, 31° 16′ 2,255″ E

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