Kaapsehood Pass

Hidden Gem in the Lowveld

The Kaapsehoop Pass connects Ngodwana with Nelspruit, providing an alternative, and more scenic, route to Nelspruit to the N4. In the process the Pass bisects the little mountain top village of Kaapschehoop, from which the pass gets its name.

Distance 31.9km
Gradient average 1:43
Gradient maximum 1:10
Summit 1653m
Surface Tar

The faster N4 is still the preferred route, however taking some time to explore the charming village of Kaapschehoop is a must! Drive slowly through the peaceful village, it is as quaint as it looks and caters to visitors with some delightful restaurants, little shops and historical buildings.

The Pass is as easy to find as leaving the N4 at Ngodwana and Sappi Mill to follow the road as it climbs the mountain. The road gains altitude quickly with a couple of S-bends and wide 90 degree turns. Views over the deep ravine of Battery Creek are spectacular.

At the top, inevitably shrouded in cloud or mist, the approach to Kaapschehoop is gentle and you will see the town some time before reaching it. The wild horses of Kaapsehoop are often spotted on the pass, so be gentle on the descent particularly as the initial few curves are sharp.

Much of the descent is a steady string of curves ending with a horseshoe bend which changes the direction of the road as it levels out and continues toward Nelspruit past a series of farms.

Thing to do and see

  • Battery Creek Views
  • Viewing Points
  • Kaapschehoop Village
  • State Forests
  • Hiking Trails


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