South Africa
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In the heart of the magnificent Elands River Valley, Mpumalanga, lies the best kept secret on the N4.

Ancient stone ruins and five star country cuisine by the river

Stone Circle Bistro is a haven for hungry travellers intent on exploring the ancient stone ruins surrounding the picturesque town of Emgwenya (Waterval Boven).

Museum and bookshop

See the oldest man-made structures on Earth and a unique display of artefacts that span a period of 280 000 years of human habitation. Lose yourself in the spectacular photographs of mysterious ancient stone ruins and discover an ancient stone city, once larger than modern-day Johannesburg.

Picnics or sundowners by the river, cuddle up by the fire - experience the warmth and hospitality of a small country town!

  • Special events and functions
  • Tours to ancient stone ruins and Adam's Calendar
  • Hiking trails and horse rides to ancient ruins
  • VIP tours with scientist, author, explorer, Michael Tellinger by special arrangement

This sanctuary for hungry travellers and enquiring minds was created by scientist, author, explorer, Michael Tellinger. If you pop in you may even catch him at work!

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