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A favourite pastime in Deneysville which draws crowds from all over the Free State, Gauteng and Mpumalanga is the art of fishing.

Buying bait is like going to your local Pharmacy and searching for natural remedies and vitamins, with hundreds to choose from! Luckily Deneysville is not short of fishing supply stores, found under 'Shops & Services' :

Deneysville and the Vaal Dam persé have a fisherman friendly shoreline where you can laze the days away doing what you love best.

There are also resorts that welcome fishermen, found in the 'Fishing' section, eg :

On a good day these are some of the catches you can take home :

  • Barbel
  • Bass; large mouth
  • Carp; common, grass, mirror
  • Kurper
  • Mudfish
  • Yellowfish; small and large mouth

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