This was the site of the British camp and military cemetery during the Transvaal War of Independence in 1880-81.

It was occupied by the British from January 24th to the end of March 1881.

Forty British soldiers and officers who died in action in this area, including Gen Sir George Pomeroy-Colley, are buried here.

The cemetery is on private land and permission has to be obtained from the farmer to access the site. It is strongly recommended that you engage the services of a battlefields' tour guide. 

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Mount Prospect Cemetery
Pvt land, 2 km north of Mt Prospect, off the N11
Transvaal guerre d'indépendance, Champs de bataille
KwaZulu-NatalAfrique du Sud
27° 31′ 6,01″ S, 29° 52′ 37,549″ E

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