The Battle of Inyezane - 22nd January, 1879 and the Siege of Eshowe 

During the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, Colonel Charles Pearson lead the coastal column to Eshowe.

This column encountered part of the Zulu army at the Nyezane River but after a short battle pushed on to the KwaMondi Mission which was fortified and called Fort Eshowe.

The forces under Colonel Pearson were besieged for 10 weeks until relieved on April 3 by Lord Chelmsford after the Battle of Gingindlovu.

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Fort Eshowe (KwaMondi Mission)
Adresse: Guerre anglo-zouloue, Champs de bataille
KwaZulu-NatalAfrique du Sud
28° 53′ 19,061″ S, 31° 28′ 20,968″ E

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