13 - 15 February 1838

On 12 August 1838 one of the Voortrekker camps near Estcourt was attacked by 10 000 Zulus. 

The Zulus first attacked and tried to burn the wagons but the Boer horsemen ventured out and scattered them. The Zulus then re-grouped and attacked again, burning the grass around the laager. On the third day the attack was called off leaving around 300 dead Zulus whilst only one Trekker lost his life.

The site, then called Veglaer, or Fighting Laager, has now been covered by the waters of the Wagendrift Dam near Estcourt but there isa diascope at the dam which depicts the tactics employed by both combatants.

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Adresse: Conflit voortrekker-zouloue, Champs de bataille
KwaZulu-NatalAfrique du Sud
29° 3′ 26,413″ S, 29° 49′ 55,286″ E

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