The Three Rondavels are huge triplet rock peaks of Quartzite and Shale rising out of the far wall of the canyon. These three well known gigantic peaks with their sheer rock walls tower more than 700m above the surrounding landscape whilst the Blydepoort dam lies calm and serene far below.

The word 'Rondavel' is South African for a round hut-like dwelling, usually with a thatched roof. Originally the Three Rondavels were known as 'The Chief and his three wives' with the flat topped peak to the right named Mapjaneng, meaning 'the Chief'. Behind them all is the 1944m high peak named Mariepskop which forms the southern portal of the canyon mouth.

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Three Rondavels
R532 44km north of Graskop
Blyde (Motlatse) River Canyon Nature Reserve
MpumalangaAfrique du Sud
24° 34′ 27,444″ S, 30° 47′ 53,509″ E

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