Buttress of weathered Quartzite

Pinnacle Rock is a tall free-standing buttress of weathered quartzite littered with bright aloes.

Driekop gorge

It rises 30m above the dense fern clad Driekop gorge and indigenous forest.

Ngwaritsana river cascade

A source of the Ngwaritsana river cascades through the dark depths of the narrow cleft taking the river approximately 450m down in a series of alternating falls and cascades.


5.6km south of God's Window and 4km north of Graskop along the R534.

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Pinnacle Rock
R534 north of Graskop
Blyde (Motlatse) River Canyon Nature Reserve
MpumalangaAfrique du Sud
24° 54′ 39,546″ S, 30° 51′ 16,07″ E

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