The Pellissier private graveyard, in the grounds of the Pellisier House Museum, holds the remains of the Reverend Pellissier, his wife, his father, four of his children and some grandchildren.

The Reverend Jean Pellisier (who died in Bethulie in 1867), was the first French missionary stationed in the town and lived in Pellissier House at 1 Voortrekker Street, which now houses the Museum.

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Pellissier Family Graveyard
 Trudie Venter

Pellissier Street
9992 Bethulie
Free StateAfrique du Sud
30° 29′ 37,612″ S, 25° 58′ 34,806″ E
work: +27 61 763 0939
cell: +27 83 630 8849

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