The 'Louis Trichardt' wagon arrived in Bethulie on 13th October 1938. To commemorate this symbolic trek an Ox Wagon Monument with a cairn forming the base, was erected.

The statue encompassing a wagon and oxen was made from smelted spent cartidge cases by H. J. J. Myburgh who unveilled the statue in 1940.

Sadly, in 2005 the oxen were stolen, and a decision was made to safe guard the wagon in the local Pellissier Museum. New oxen will be cast and housed together with the wagon, in the museum.

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Ox Wagon Monument
 Trudie Venter

24 Boven North Street
9992 Bethulie
Free StateAfrique du Sud
30° 29′ 35,675″ S, 25° 58′ 29,928″ E
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