Lying close to the border of Lesotho, the district of Wepener has been the scene of many fights, raids and stock thefts. Numerous graves, mainly without identification, are reminders of stormy events from the past.

During the Anglo-Boer War, a British garrison of 2 000 men under Colonel E. H. Dalgety was attacked by General Christiaan De Wet at Jammerdrif on the Caledon River. British reinforecements which were rushed to the scene brought an end to the struggle.

The town was founded in 1867 and named in honour of Louw Wepener, who was killed in 1865 while trying to storm Thaba-Bosiu, in Lesotho.

Wepener lies in the valley of the Jammersbergspruit, and it is an atmospheric little frontier place.

Building sand, wool, grain, corn and livestock are produced in the district. On the farm Welbedacht, 32 kilometres south-west of the town, a dam has been built, storing 110 million cubic metres of water from the Caledon River. This dam supplies drinking water to Bloemfontein and many other towns of the Free State.

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