Carinus Bridge

The Carinus Bridge connects Velddrif to the rest of the world

The town of Velddrif was established around a fish cannery. The town being on the northern side of the river meant that its people were cut off from the Cape so in 1899 a pont was built to ferry people and their livestock across the river. It stayed in service until 1950.

In 1959 the Carinus Bridge was completed giving the people of Velddrif permanent access to the Cape and the towns of Laaiplek and Velddrif began to flourish.

Bergrivier Canoe Marathon

In the middle of July you can see the end of the Bergrivier Canoe Marathon at the Carinus Bridge. This event takes place over 4 days starting in Paarl and ends at the Carinus Bridge. The first Berg River Canoe Marathon was held in 1962 and has gained a reputation for being one of the toughest courses in the world as well as being the longest in South Africa.


The Carinus Bridge also offers outstanding birding opportunities. Large numbers of Lesser and Greater Flamingos overwinter here.

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