Upington Fitness Xpress

Group fitness training in great outdoors!

Want to lose weight, want to make great friends we make it fun funky interactive, exercise to great music let by an awesome trainer,

So a fun filled training day come and experience effortless weightloss with fabulous people with similar goals

You surely wonder why you been waiting for so long.

Just call us we will work a schedule that suits you best!

We currently do bootcamp exercises, Zumba fitness dance, Cardio/Aerobics at the local stadium.


Group exercise classes not only offer physical benefits, but also the social factor in interacting with other participants. You get the support and motivation from the instructor and the other participants in the class help you along the way too. Many group exercise participants have been through the same fitness and weight struggles as you and are always willing to offer advice and knowledge about how they achieved their results.

For more info call or email me.

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