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An Honest Trading Stall

Situated on the R617, close to the charming village of Underberg, is Pucketty Farm. A one-stop farm stall shop, animal farm and tea garden in a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful setting!

Pucketty Farm Stall is a smorgasbord of delicious and homemade goodies. Baskets of fresh baked bread, pies, quiches and all sorts of savoury treats. Shelves packed with marmalades, chutneys, pickles and jams, plus fridges well stocked with fresh raw milk, eggs and a variety of cheeses!

In addition to the wonderful products in the farm stall, Pucketty farm is well known for its unique honesty system. Visitors will not find a till at the of their shopping experience, but rather a notebook, calculator and a money box – simply write down the products you purchase, work out the cost and drop the money in the box and collect your change! The only beady eye in sight might be that of the friendly farm cat!

Guest can start their day with a big hearty breakfast in the Tea Garden or if they find themselves there on a Sunday, enjoy a traditional lunch time roast! Kids can enjoy the playground and swings and will love spending time at the animal farm, visiting with a wide variety of farm animals from ducks and pigs to a small Guinea Pig village.

Things to see, buy and savour

  • Pickles & Chilli’s
  • Savoury Treats
  • Jams, Marmalades & Spreads
  • Pate’s & Cheeses
  • Dairy Products
  • Sweet Treats
  • Biscuits, Rusks & Breads
  • Art Gallery
  • Animal Farm
  • Tea Garden


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