The tiny and charming town of Underberg can be found at the foothills of the Southern Drankensberg range of mountains in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. Underberg is a popular stopover for travellers using the Sani Pass to and from Lesotho and the perfect holiday destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Underberg area is known for its activities and adventures and is a haven for nature lovers, hikers, mountain bikers, fly fishing fanatics, bird watchers and even snowball fights in winter! It is a great spot for a weekend getaway or a long holiday, visitors will never be bored and the peace and tranquillity, along with breath-taking scenery is good for the soul!

The rivers and streams around Underberg offer some of South Africa's best trout fishing and hikers can look forward to planned hikes that have them spending the night in a mountain hut or cave. There is plenty of bird-watching in the Underberg area - a chance to see many species that are only seen on or near to the Berg. The region is one of South Africa’s premier trout fishing destinations, here the Underberg-Himeville Trout Fishing Club holds claim to 160 km’s of river and 60 dams!

Apart from annual sporting events, Underberg draws huge crowds during the annual outdoor musical festival Splashy Fen which takes place on a farm in the area. A trip up the Sani Pass, the third steepest Pass in the world, to the “Highest Pub in Africa” is a must. Underberg has everything you need for your holiday, there are two small shopping centres, art and craft stores, various restaurants and pubs and don’t miss a chance to stop at the Underberg Pottery Studio and the Funky Cow, a little souvenir shop in town.

Underberg boasts all types of accommodation from cosy guest houses and bed & breakfasts to holiday resorts in and around the Drakensberg area.

Places to Visit

Things to do and see

  • Giants Castle Hikes
  • McKenzie’s Caves Hike
  • Lammergeier Cave Trail
  • Sherry Cave Hike
  • Sleeping Beauty Cave & Engagement Hike
  • Bushman Rock Art Hike
  • Sani Spoors MBT
  • Sani Pass
  • Xumeni Forest
  • Underberg Studio
  • Pucketty Farm Stall
  • Drakensberg Gardens Golfing Club
  • Sani Pass Golf Course
  • Underberg Golf Course
  • Fort Nottingham Museum
  • Himeville Museum


Underberg receives approximately 821 mm of rain annually with the majority of its’ rainfall occurring during the mid-summer months.

Summer months, November to March will have average temperatures of between 13˚C and 25˚C.

Winter months, May to August will have average temperatures of between 1˚C and 16˚C.


There are daily flights into Pietermaritzburg Airport, 123 km away via the R617. Car hire facilities are available at the Airport.


Underberg started out as a single store built to serve the Settlers who had started farming there in 1886.  Because the authorities thought the settlement lacked adequate natural defences in times of trouble, they promoted a new village, Himeville, 5 km to the north, as the seat of the magistracy for the district. 

Nevertheless, in 1916 Underberg was chosen as the terminus of the 62 km branch railway line built from Donnybrook, on the Pietermaritzburg-Kokstad line, to serve the area.  The berg ('mountain') under which the village lies is the 1904 meter Hlogoma ('place of echoes').

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