Mtwalume is a small sea-side village on the South Coast, approximately 87 kms south of Durban on the South Coast, It is predominantly a holiday and fishing village within a rural wooded environment of indigenous fauna and flora.

The beautiful lagoon formed by the unpredictable and sometimes aggressive Mtwalume River is one of its main attractions and makes for exciting canoeing. The river winds for 85 km and there is a pretty waterfall near Highflats.

The name Mtwalume is derived from the Zulu for the tall upright trees growing on the river bank, the bark of which they believed cured dysentry.

Mtwalume offers all the normal water sports such as surf angling, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, spear fishing, windsurfing and board surfing and has a tidal pool for both adults and children. Mtwalume Ski Boat Club holds numerous records and is well known in KwaZulu Natal.

The village has a small shopping centre to cater for holidaymakers and residents where all the basics can be bought.