Grave of Zulu King Mpande

In uLandi itself you will find the grave of King Mpande, father of King Cetshwayo and "The Great Hut" which is now a museum, depicting the life of Mpande. There is also a monument.

King Mpande, a half brother of Shaka, was brought into power on 10th February 1840 following the defeat of King Dingane (with the help of the Voortrekkers) in 1839 at the battle of Magongqo. He reigned until his death in 1872. 

He was the father of King Cetshwayo, whose warriors fought the British in the Anglo-Zulu War in a desperate attempt to retain their Kingdom.

He is buried in the Nodwengu kraal.


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Mpande's Hut and grave
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