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At the tip of the Cape Peninsula, about 60 km from Cape Town, lies Cape Point, a nature reserve with one of the countries most popular tourist attractions, the Cape Point Lighthouse.

Candlepower 10 000 000 C.D.
Character of Light Group Flashing three flashes every 30 seconds
Installation Date 01 May 1860
Range 34 sea miles
Structure 9 metre square masonry tower
Type of Light Revolving electric
Other features Fitted with a subsidiary red sector light. Equipped with radio beacon and triple mutual diesel/alternator set.

Notorious for it tumultuous weather, the seas surrounding the narrow most southwesterly tip of Cape Point has become a watery grave to at last 26 sunken ships. The legendary explorer Bartholomew Diaz nicknamed this dangerous stretch of coastline the “Cape of Storms”. The original lighthouse built in 1860 no longer functions, it sits too high above the ocean and is often covered by clouds. The new lighthouse was commissioned on 11 March 1919 at the same site, but at a very much lower elevation. Only the base of the old lighthouse remains, and it now serves as a “Visitors Book” as many visitors record their visit by scratching their names in the paintwork of the old iron tower base.  

The present lighthouse has been erected 286 feet above sea level and the foundation stone was laid by Thomas Prince in April 1914. This new Cape Point Lighthouse, still in operation as a nautical guide, is one of the most powerful on the South African coast. Its lights have a range of 60 kilometres and each flash has an intensity of 10 million candles.

Visitors can either walk their way up the medium-grade path, about a 15-minute hike, or can opt to take a ride up to the lighthouse via the convenient and environmentally-friendly Flying Dutchman Funicular. The views from the lookout points surrounding the lighthouse and on the nearby summit are quite spectacular!

Things to do and see

  • Lighthouse Viewing
  • Flying Dutchman Funicular
  • Cape Point Nature Reserve
  • Nature Reserve Trails, Picnic & Beaches
  • Cape Point Shops
  • Two Oceans Restaurant


Adult, R147

Child, R76

Funicular Ride

Adult, R70 return or R55 one way

Child, R30 return or R22 one way

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