On the banks of one of South Africa's largest rivers, the Vaal River, and often flooded by it, lies the town of Standerton.

The town is overlooked by Standerskop (1640 m).

Standerton is a railway and agricultural centre for a region producing maize, sunflower seeds and groundnuts.

Two weirs have been built across the Vaal river providing an 8 km stretch of water popular for fishing, boating and other aquatic sports.

Grootdraai Dam, the tenth largest dam in South Africa is just 12 km out of town and is one of the town's major tourism attractions. Standerton enjoys above average rainfall of 700mm per annum.


Standerton was named after Adrian Hedrik Stander, the owner of the farm on which the town was established. 

During the Anglo-Transvaal War a garrison of 350 British soldiers were besieged in the town. A Transvaal force occupied Standerskop and peppered the town with bullets each day for the three months of the siege until the war ended and the garrison marched away with flying colours.

The British published a newspaper, the Standerton News, throughout the siege, and copies are collectors pieces.

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