Scarborough is situated within the Table Mountain National Park area, just beyond Kommetjie and Misty Cliffs. It is a rather eclectic village of a random scattering of houses that lie embedded between the towering mountains of Slangkop and Red Hill.

The sleepy village at the mouth of the Schusters River is a fisherman’s dream and, provided you get your permit, Scarborough is a perfect spot to go “musselling”! Remember to adhere to how many mussels can be taken each day and a god tip is to bring along your gardening gloves and a plastic bag to carry your dinner home in.

Apart from the wonderful fishing opportunities, Scarborough beach is without a doubt one of the loveliest beaches you will ever see. The coastline offers some of the best kayaking, kite surfing, surfing, and windsurfing on the peninsular. The rocks provide a wealth of interesting seafood and shells.

Scarborough is a hidden gem within the Cape Town Metropole. Close enough to the city, but far enough away to feel like you are away from the maddening crowd. People are friendly, the pace is slow and relaxed, and visitors are made to feel welcome.

Scarborough offers holiday accommodation at a premium – self-catering cottages and guest houses. The road out leads to a very interesting roadside market where long-necked giraffe and other African animals crafted from wood and stone are on display. If you want a special souvenir, this stop is both necessary and interesting.

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Scarborough receives approximately 847 mm of rain annually with the majority of its’ rainfall occurring during the winter months.

Summer months, November to March will have average temperatures of between 16˚C and 26˚C.

Winter months, May to August will have average temperatures of between 10˚C and 18˚C.


There are daily flights into Cape Town International Airport, 57 km away via the M3. Car hire facilities, Uber and metered taxis are available at the Airport.


In April 1996 the town was designated as a conservation village defined as “a residential area of limited extent, surrounded by a conserved natural landscape, committed to reverse past environmental damage and to avoid future environmental impacts.”

Inside Scarborough

Conservation village on a hill

Misty Cliffs

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