North Head Lighthouse

As the name would indicate, the North Head Lighthouse is situated on the northern side of the entrance to Saldanha Bay.  

The original Lighthouse was a basic concrete pillar with an acetylene gas lantern mounted on top and was installed in 1939, approximately 100 metres from where the Lighthouse stands today. The pillar morphed into a lattice steel three-panelled pedestal which still stands, but pales in comparison to its' newer model. The cost for installing this lighthouse was R2 661.00

Candlepower511 000 C.D.
Character of LightThree flashes every 20 seconds
Installation Date12 July 1939 / 02 December 1969
Range23 sea miles
Structure21 metre concrete tower with black and white stripes
Type of LightRevolving electric
Other featuresTriple mutual diesel / alternator sets & telemetry monitored

Today the new look of the existing fully automatic Lighthouse is more in keeping with the idea of what the public perceive a lighthouse should like. It is unattened and monitored at Cape Columbine via a VHF telemetry system. The cost of the current tower was R59 890.00. The Lighthouse is  on naval property, however a nature trail will take visitors past the lighthouse for viewing. Seen from down the coast, the lighthouse is quiet striking, perched on the very rocks that are so daunting to ships. 

Things to do and see

  • Lighthouse Viewing from outside
  • Nature Hiking Trail


There is no admission fee, viewing is only permitted from outside as the Lighthouse is unattended.

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