Shingwedzi River, Red Rocks loop

One of the more favoured roads in the north of the park is the S52. The Shingwedzi, Red Rocks road, runs on both sides of the Shingwedzi River through some spectacular scenery offering the visitor more than the average Kruger road does.

Two of best lookout points in the Kruger are on this road. The one lookout point, Red Rocks, overlooks an incredible section of the Shingwedzi River with massive red rock slabs covering the valley. You are even allowed to step out of your vehicle here!

Further along the Red Rocks viewpoint a road splits to the right linking to the opposite side of the river cutting out a big section of the S52. This is excellent leopard country.

Crossing the riverbed keep your eyes peeled for crocodiles, buffalo, grey heron, and waterbuck. You should also see zebra, impala and buffalo with an occasional lion. Elephants are also very common along this road.

There are countless viewpoints over the riverbed, each more beautiful than the previous one.

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