Nshawu to Shingwedzi

The S50 towards Shingwedzi passes the Nshawu waterholes and between that and the Shilowa (382m) and Shibavantsengele (482m) hills it is a rather dull drive. At the Shilowa Hill the roads crosses the Tropic of Capricorn and then reaches the turnoff to lookout point high up on Shibavantsengele hill. This provides one of the most thriliing lookouts in Kruger, with huge boulders on the one side, an ideal spot to find leopard or klipspringer. 

It is believed that there is a pass between the two hills, which served as an elephant highway between Mozambique and the Northern Kruger area, which was used by migrating elephants in an ancient era. The migration was disrupted by the fencing off of the Kruger Park, but since the fence was removed during the declaration of the Limpopo Transfrontier Park, hopefully they will start using the route again in the future.

The next stop along the S50 is the Grootvlei dam, where elephants and buffalo can be seen often. 

The Nyawutsi birdhide further along is a quiet spot where you can spend a long time in silence at the waterside where you might be surprised by a leopard coming for a drink out of the dense surroundings. In the meantime you'll be entertained by the busy weavers building their nests.

At the point where the S50 meets the Shingwedzi river, is Dipene , which was a dipping point which was set up in 1938, to try and curb the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease during that time. 

The S50 along the Shingwedzi river is one of the top drives in Kruger, with Natal mahoganies, ebony jackal-berries, weeping boer-beans and sausage trees lining the river and much more animal sightings than earlier on the route. Elephant, nyala, kudu is often seen around the river and hippos are often seen along the river.

Troops of baboons are always seen along the road closer to the camp, and when watched for a while could be very entertaining.

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