Nsemani Road

The S40 Nsemani Road turnoff is 9km from Satara Camp. This road leads to the Timbavati Picnic Spot and passes the Nsemani Dam and Girivana waterhole.

Nsemani dam, a short distance from Satara, is great for sightings of waterbuck and you generally will find hippos and crocodiles in or around the water along with small antelope, like steenbok and duikers. Leopards are also regularly seen in the bush surrounding the dam. The dam is home to a great variety of birds, including Egyptian and Spurwing geese, African fish-eagles, African spoonbills, Blacksmith lapwings, Grey herons and Red-billed buffalo weavers.

The Girivana water hole is a good place to patiently spend some time as it is a popular game and birding spot. Lions and elephants are regular visitors at the waterhole.

After the waterhole the S40 joins up with the S39 after 11km.

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