A few years ago Jukskei Park’s image was that of an area in which crime was rampant and a fair number of the homes, mostly single storey, freestanding houses on their own stand, were down at heel and in need of an upgrade. 


All that began to change when bodies representing the local residents teamed up with the police and a private enterprise security company, to bring about change. The teamwork has proved to be highly effective. 


A total transformation is taking place in Jukskei Park and this is working much to the advantage of those buyers who are spotting the trend and investing.

With a renovation investment of around R300 000, home owners are adding a much larger value to their homes resulting in houses bought for R1.5 million only a few years ago, now fetching R2.5 million. 

Properties range in price between 30,000 to 2,390,000, which includes residential properties.