Piketburg is a small farming town that lies at the foot of the Piket Mountain range, just over an hours’ drive from Cape Town and only 30 minutes from the gorgeous West Coast. Piketburg offers its visitors varied possibilities from simply relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery or tasting the wines on offer from the many surrounding vineyards to expressing ones energy in the form of hiking, mountain biking or paragliding of the Piketberg Mountain.

The area boasts one of the largest lakes in the country and the extraordinary beauty of nature often comes as a surprise to visitors. Piketburg offers a peaceful atmosphere for anyone looking for a complete de-stress!

Piketburg is an historic town and visitors won’t miss the striking Dutch Reformed Church in the centre of the town where it all started back in 1880. The old town which grew up around the cathedral is now a series of beautifully restored cottages and if history is of interest to you then you must take an afternoon following the towns’ historic route.

Picketberg offers a range of affordable accommodation catering for all kinds of travellers. Spend some time and experience the country hospitality of the Guesthouses, B&B’s and self-catering venues in the town.

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Piketberg receives approximately 373 mm of rain annually with the majority of its rainfall occurring during the winter months.

Summer months, November to March will have average temperatures of between 15˚C and 30˚C.

Winter months, May to August will have average temperatures of between 6˚C and 16˚C.


There are daily flights into Cape Town International Airport and Piketberg is approximately 130 km away along the N7. Car hire facilities are available at the Airport.


The Khoisan tribe were the first inhabitants of the area which included the current towns of Saldaha Bay, Vredenburg, St. Helena Bay. In 1655 military outposts, basically a last line of defence, were placed in the area by the Cape Government to fight the Khoi people and to protect the land. The Dutch word for “outpost” was “piket” and the town was later named Picketbur  after this occurrence.

The town of Piketburg first originated in 1836 when Sir Benjamin D’Urban, Governor of the Cape Colony at the time, donated the farm of Grootfontein to the church council. The Dutch Reformed Church built in 1880 was designed by Charl Otto Hager and was based on the then popular neo-gothic architecture. It still remains one of the focal points of the town today. 

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