Pennington is a beautiful, picturesque coastal village with the prettiest woodland setting and is considered to be 'the little jewel' of the south coast. The town is blessed with wonderful indigenous trees, abundant bird life and miles of unspoilt beach.

The palm-fringed Nkhomba River flows through one of the loveliest stretches of natural parkland on the coast of Kwazulu-Natal. Trees shade a gentle grassy slope, there are dense patches of wood, and streams tumble down the slopes to the river.

In addition to beach bathing and surfing along the coastline, snorkelers have some magnificent sites at Kelso and Umdoni Point. If angling is your pleasure, there are plenty of opportunities to catch a big one either deep-sea, off the rocks or in the surf. 

Pennington is also an ideal golfers’ destination as it boasts two fantastic golf courses and an amazing driving range with superb putting greens.


The area, known as Pennington, was originally a farm owned by the Pennington family, settlers from Britain.

Sir Frank Reynolds, the sugar magnate, bought part of the farm and, at the beginning of the century, developed a country home which he called Umdoni Park, because of the Mdoni (water myrtle) trees.

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