The town of Ottosdal was established as a Dutch Reformed Church Parish in 1913 on the farm Korannafontein and named after its owner, G. P. Otto.

It is a farming community engaged in the growing of mealies, monkeynuts, and sunflowers and in the rearing of cattle, chickens, dairy cows, pigs and sheep.

The main routes to and from Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Vereeniging pass through the town and on to the neighbouring countries of Namibia and Botswana.

Ottosdal is the only place in South Africa where the unique 'Wonderstone' or Pyrophyllite is found and mined and the town’s annual agricultural show is one of the oldest in the Province.

Of interest is a British fort, ancient war trenches and cemeteries, a Garden of Rembrance for the soldiers killed during the Anglo-Boer War, an Old Water Mill built in 1860 that is a national monument, Khoisan rock engravings on local farms, and an Old Farm Guest House that is one of few surviving Boer mansions, built in 1907.

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