St Dominic's Academy is a Christian co-educational school which was founded by Dominican Sister Rose Niland in 1891. It moved to its present location when Sister Niland bought the farm belonging to Dr O'Grady Gubbins who left the area to join General Louis Botha’s Cabinet.

Many of the school’s beautiful buildings were constructed between 1908 and 1918 and designed by Brother Nirvard Streicher from the Trappist Monastery at Marianhill.

The Pavilion was built in 1912 as a skating rink and venue for sport and social events and in 1915 a swimming pool was built; the first in a school in Natal.

The Bell Tower, with clocks and bells imported from Germany, was begun in 1912 but only completed in 1919; the building having been delayed by WWI.

In 1977 the building was declared a National Monument by Dr Piet Koornhof.

The school was originally opened to teach Afrikaans-speaking boys but girls were gradually accepted. It then became a girl’s-only school with boys only admitted at primary level. It 1980 St Dominic’s became totally co-educational again. 

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St Dominic Academy
148 Murchison Street
2940 Newcastle
KwaZulu-NatalSouth Africa
27° 45′ 41.778″ S, 29° 55′ 15.758″ E
work: +27 34 312 8316
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