Everything under the Sun

Hartenbos is one of the most popular resorts along the south coast of the Western Cape and thousands of visitors from all over South Africa and abroad spend their annual summer holiday here.

Whale, dolphin and seal watching are other attractions that draw tourists from far and wide each year.

Being part of the Garden and the Whale Routes, situated between Mossel Bay and George, this tranquil town is the ideal destination for family holidays and during the Christmas holiday season, the camping ground near the mouth of the Hartenbos River is a city of tents and caravans. For two months there is considerable activity, then, almost as suddenly as they came, the vast crowds thin out for the remainder of the year.

'Everything Under the Sun' is the slogan that personifies Hartenbos with its whitewashed beaches, calm sea and Mediterranean climate. The beautiful and safe lagoon of the Hartenbos River excellently lends itself to family holiday sport from swimming to surfing, while angling for shad and white steenbras is the favourite pasttime of the more patient.

Colourful kiosks vending anything from delicious calamari to colourful clothing, line the main street during the holiday season.

The Hartenbos Museum has an impressive display depicting the various stages of the 'Great Trek' and two wagons which took part in the 1938 symbolic trek to Pretoria are exhibited there.

There is an abundance of birdlife, particularly near the river mouth, which is an active breeding ground for sea birds.

The beach front boasts a heated indoor pool, supertube, bowling green, tennis courts, amusement centre, conference facilities and an open-air stadium where festivals and festive activities take place.