The Barn on 62

Coffee Bar & Eatery in a Country setting

The Barn on 62 is committed to giving our customers - especially our local community - quality in both service and food, an ambience that is inviting and hopefully the feeling that they truly are friends that we look forward to seeing on a regular basis - friends who become part of the Barn on 62 family. Children are welcome, we offer a small play area with playground equipment.

We pride ourselves in delivering good food that is fresh and made with the best ingredients. Offering freshly baked croissants, homemade pies, burger patties and basil pesto, as well as local cakes and preserves. 

We cook using only butter, cream and free range eggs and committed to keeping everything local and in-house. Please have a look at our sample menu to see more.

Our passion

Coffee is our passion and it's what brought us into the industry. We use an African blend from Terbodore which consists of beans from Kenya and Ethiopia, as we are trying to keep to the African genre. 


Come and meet our very own trained Barista in charge of our coffee-making station. Our coffee is collected weekly and is always fresh. Quality is what we hope to deliver in both our coffee, food and service.


Click here to view our sample menu.

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