The small town of Kampersrus was founded in the 1940s on a farm named Bedford whose owner, Broer Maré, gave it its name, meaning “campers’ rest” because he thought it an ideal stay-over for travellers crossing the mountain range into the Lowveld. The town consists mostly of agricultural holdings with a spectacular view over the Lowveld and a backdrop of the Mariepskop Mountains.

Today the town is home to 300 residents, who enjoy a quiet life in nature at the foot of the majestic Northern Drakensberg Mountains.

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The average midday temperatures for Kampersrus range from 22.8°C in June to 29.5°C in January. The region is the coldest during July when the mercury drops to 7°C on average during the night. Kampersrus normally receives about 495mm of rain per year, with most rainfall occuring mainly during mid summer.