Phabeni Gate

Phabeni Gate was built in 2002 to make it easier for travellers from afar to access the Park via Hazyview. Phabeni means "shelter" and is also the name of the stream you find shortly after entering the gate. The buildings at the gate has a ethnic african design.

Game viewing is often good from the start after entering the gate because of the basalt-like gabbro set amongst the koppies. The dark clay soil found on the gabbro supports sweeter grass and therefore attracts both grazers and browsers. Vegetation in the area is not so dense, therefore one can see further into the thickets.

Dominant trees are mainly knobthorn acacias, marula trees and bushwillows.

Shortly after entering the gate you will find the Albasini Ruins, the trading store of Joao Albasini which was set up in 1846. 

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