Lindanda Wolhuter Memorial

Harry Wolhuter was on of the Kruger Park's first Rangers. In 1904, Harry was riding on horseback along the S35 (Lindanda Road), and was attacked by two lions, shortly after nightfall.

When he fell from his horse one of the lions attacked him and dragged him almost 100 metres into the surrounding bush. The overwhelmed ranger mananged to retrieve his knife from his belt and stabbed the lion.

The lion the let go of Wolhuter, who managed to climb into a tree, just before the second lion came after him. Wolhuter's collegues arrived shortly after and carried him back to the camp.

Today Wolhuters knife and the skin of the lion are on display at the Stevenson-Hamilton Museum in Skukuza.

Wolhuter was known by his Swazi name, Lindanda, a name derived from a loincloth, which he always wore.

The Wolhuter Memorial can be found along the Lindanda road, at the spot where he was attacked by the lions.

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