Piece of Heaven, Peace of Mind

Linked by a causeway and bridge to the mainland, Thesen Islands is within walking distance of the attractive waterfront, yacht harbour and town centre of Knysna, one of South Africa’s most quaint and popular coastal towns. Being a marina development, the islands’ main focus is centred around water activities. Landlubbers too however, have plenty of choices.

Unique Lifestyle

Thesen Islands is the kind of place where children can still play ball or ride their bikes in the street. Your neighbours know you by name and you chat over the garden fence. During holidays there are no worries so long as the children are at the table for dinner. Before you turn in to bed you can stroll through your safe and quiet neighbourhood with its moonlit water and starlit sky; the ideal start to a peaceful night's sleep.

Multi-award Winning Marina

Located in the scenic Knysna estuary on the renowned Garden Route of South Africa, Thesen Islands is a spectacular multi-award winning marina development. The development spreads out over 90ha containing 19 man-made islands which are linked by 21 arched bridges and surrounded by 25ha of tidal waterways. The marina consists of 489 individual homes and 56 apartments known as the Dry Mill Apartments, which are situated on its own island within the marina. In conformance to Knysna’s vernacular architecture and its historical maritime and timber connections all the homes are built in a colonial maritime architectural style.