Linmeyer lies in Region 9, on the southern border of Johannesburg overlooking the Klipriversburg mountains to the south. The suburb lies sandwiched between South Rand Road in the north and the N12 in the south.


It was laid out in the late 1940’s on land that previously belonged to the Meyer Farm. Mr Levy, the local pharmacist, was the first to own a house here which was built on South Rand Road.

By 1950 roads had been laid out, many of their names reflecting the local history. Johan Meyer Street was named after the original owner of the farm and Risi Avenue after the developers, Risi Investment.

Development was slow and by 1950 only 5 houses had been built. Phoenix Construction began offering a unique “off-plan” deal for 3 000 SA Pounds and stands 240, 241 and 242 in Risi Avenue were ready for occupation by Christmas 1951. The rest of the homes in Risi Avenue were completed between 1951 and 1955. The roads remained unmade for many years owing to the company constructing them going insolvent. Half dug storm water drains and a Fowler Steam Roller were left behind, which when occasionally fired up, was of great amusement to the local children.