JOY Dogs

Serving the Educational Sector since 2011


It is our mission to educate learners about responsible pet ownership and safety around dogs. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to teach children from young so that they grow up to be responsible pet owners.

We then responded to a need of visiting institutions for the therapeutic and caring aspect that the dogs bring. We visit physically and mentally challenged people in institutions and aged facilities.This is now our primary focus.

Wellness Division

By popular demand we started the wellness division of the JOY dogs in the second half of 2013. The JOY Dogs will now come to your business to entertain your staff leaving them feeling much more motivated. 


Sue Green

Sue has always had a special interest in dogs and has been involved in dog handling and training for 20 years. .

She is also a classical guitarist and teacher.

The JOY Dogs

They belong to the breed Old English Sheepdogs:

  • Jazmine is 11 years old and comes from Port Elizabeth
  • Orion is 1 years old and comes from Russia
  • Yola is 6 years old and comes from Hungary
  • Sadly Oscar passed away in December at the age of 9 and a half.  He is sorely missed.
  • All the dogs have been trained since puppyhood and still attend school weekly.


The JOY Dogs provide various services, but they are are primarily therapy dogs and spread JOY wherever they go:

They visit institutions and hospitals. They go to aged care facilities. They will visit companies and provide wellness to staff. They assist in educational programmes at schools and preschools on responsible pet ownership. They are active in community projects. They can enhance corporate events just by appearing. They can entertain at birthday parties. They are available for paint store promotions with well known brands of paint. See website

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