The False Bay area, includes open savannah, sand forest and thornveld providing excellent bird watching and game viewing opportunities. Here too you can enjoy the spectacular view of Lake St Lucia at its widest point. In the local interpretive centre you can view important marine fossils of animals, plants and coral. Favoured activities include boating, hiking and fishing.

Warning !

Visitors intending to visit Charter`s Creek, Fani`s Island or False Bay should be aware of possible drought conditions when no boat tours from Charter`s Creek or fishing or the launching of boats from any of the three camps is possible. Please check the conditions before you book your holiday or leave home.

False Bay Park 

From the village of Hluhluwe a road approx 19 km long will lead you to the gates of False Bay Park. This self-contained reserve of 2247 ha has a remote 23 km shoreline that serves as a breeding ground for the pink backed pelican.


Accommodation is limited to camp sites on the shoreline, north and south of Lister Point, that is usually filled with dedicated fishermen, and some wooden huts in the Dugandlove Rustic Camp where the bare minimum is supplied (no bedding) so be ready to rough it! Visitors should be fully equipped with both supplies and fuel.

The type of tree house viewing platform on the lakeside of the camp commands magnificent views over the lake and pans.

Camp site bookings are handled by the office-in-charge, and other accommodation and trail booking by the Parks Board in Pietermaritzburg.

Walking trails

The Mphopomeni Trail is a 7 or 10 km walk around the main camp with numerous picnic spots. One can expect to see bushbuck, nyala, porcupine, spotted hyena, suni and vervet monkeys. Birds are prolific and in late summer you will spot many butterflies.

The remains of ancient fossils and coral which slowly fossilized after the sea fell back many levels can be seen stretching a good 50 m inland from Lister's Point.

Contact details

iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority

The Dredger Harbour

Private Bag X05

St Lucia 3936

Tel: +27 35 590 1633

Fax: +27 35 590 1602



24 Hour emergency hotline: +27 82 797 7944