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Groot Doringhoek Pass is a gravel road Pass and connect the towns of Hofmeyr and Burgersdorp along the R391. The road is suitable for all vehicles however one with high clearance is recommended.

Distance 10 km
Gradient average 1:17
Gradient maximum 1:11
Summit 2018 m
Surface Tar

With a summit well above the “snow line”, the temperature while driving the Pass in winter can be bitterly cold and the Pass can experience sporadic snowfalls. In wet or snow weather a 4WD vehicle would be a better option.

The Groot Doringhoek Pass is distinctly divided into two sections with the first 4 km best described as a “poort”, a narrow pass between two mountains, and thereafter where the mountain pass climbs steeply along the side of the ravine where old stone walls protect you from the drop-side.

Approaching the Pass from the south will see travellers driving in a north-easterly direction out of Hofmeyr on the R391 for approximately 36 km to the southern start of the Pass which begins with the Maraiskrans Poort. This is a fairly level and easy drive.  

The next, steeper section contains a few easy S-bends, but be careful on this section as the road is very narrow and oncoming traffic would mean both vehicles would need to pull over to allow the flow of traffic.

At the 5.1 km mark there is a small, flat section where several cars can be parked safely – this is a good place to park and take a walk down the road a few hundred metres down the road, admire the stone wall and enjoy the good views of the small waterfalls and rock pools through the bushes.

Things to do and see

  • Doringrivier & Doringhoekspruit
  • Maraiskrans Poort & Ruigtekloof Bridge
  • Suurkop, Duiwelskop & Satanskop Mountain Peaks
  • View Point
  • Rock Pool & Waterfall View


Free to Drive

Best during daylight hours

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