Howick lies in the Natal Midlands, roughly 88km from Durban and is part of the renowned Midlands Meander with the town offering a diverse selection of arts ‘n crafts, restaurants and accommodation facilities.

The town’s real claim to fame however is the easily accessible Howick Falls, almost in the centre of this picturesque town, some 100m high with a seriously beautiful view. There are also many hiking trails for the more energetic.

The Howick falls was originally known as kwaNogqaza, meaning ‘the place of the tall one’ by its Zulu inhabitants. The town of Howick is surrounded by several other waterfalls such as Cascade Falls (25m), Karkloof Falls (105m) and Shelter Falls (37m) - all of which have claimed a life or two at one or another time in their history.


A scar in the ground made by wagons and footprints following a line of least resistance over mountains and valleys was the first trail from the coast of Natal to the interior of South Africa.

This unplanned route would sometimes lead to some awkward situations. So it was with the crossing of the Mgeni River, which was swift and deep. At most of the important fording places blacksmiths, traders, and innkeepers established businesses to supply travellers.

The first inhabitant of the town of Howick - named after the Northumberland home of Earl Grey the British colonial secretary and laid out on the bank of a river was a hotel keeper, who also provided a ferry service.

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