Ukuthula Arts & Crafts

Stylish & beautiful, functional & decorative pieces of art, quality made with love by artists and handcrafters

You find our shop 15 km outside of Hoedspruit on R 527 next to iNyoka gallery and Kinyonga Reptile Park

Ukuthula Designs workshop accepts your order for specialized pieces made out of metal, wood and mosaic. 

Besides our selection of beautiful handcrafted pieces of art, both decorative and functional, we also develop a range of home decor in our workshop. We produce tables, coffee and side tables made out of steel and wood or mosaic work, lamps, stands for bowls and also decorative security panels for windows.

For workshop orders please contact Bill Brown +27 83 309 3227

Our selection appeals to the International eye, as well as South Africans, who put value on uniqueness, beauty, aesthetics and quality at reasonable prices.

The customer will receive background information about the artist and producer and the company, further enhancing the value of the item and understanding about the culture of Southern African people.

The pieces reflect a combination of tradition and modernity, where it comes to the manufacturing technique, materials and patterns used.

Items are mainly sourced in Limpopo but also in other parts of South Africa and in neighbouring countries such as Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

Our trading partners are social enterprises and community based projects that work toward support and empowerment of underprivileged people, especially women and unemployed youth, providing opportunity to supplement income and sustain a livelihood. 

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