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  • Mail Acceptance/Delivery: Yes
  • Courier Acceptance/Delivery: No
  • Postbank/Financial Transactions: Yes
  • Complaints Procedure Signage: No

Additional Information

Postal Codes

  • Street postal code: 0872
  • P.O. Box postal code: 0872

Xihoko is situated in the Mopani District, Greater Tzaneen Municipality.

The town of Tzaneen which was named after the resident tribe, the Tzaneng, was established in 1912 as a centre for this agriculture area.

The elimination of malaria in the area made the valley as healthy as any other part of the sub-tropics and Tzaneen prospered. The Dr. Siegfried Annecke Research Institute is situated there and with its work on malaria largely completed, it is now involved in research on bilharzia.

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