The village of Emgwenya (Waterval Boven) rests in the Drakensberg Mountains on the fringe of the escarpment, at the foot of the southern hills. It is rich with historical sites and buildings which are now proclaimed national monuments and one can find President Paul Kruger's official residence where he resided in 1900 before going into exile in Europe.

At Waterval-Boven ('above the waterfall') the Gauteng highveld comes to an abrupt and spectacular end as the escarpment falls away to the lowveld. In 1894, a railway marshalling yard and locomotive depot was created here. From Emgwenya (Waterval Boven) the railway line drops 228 meters at a gradient of up to 1:20 into the valley of the Elands River.

On the station of Waterval-Onder is a monument to the men who built the eastern line. It consists of one of the countless boulders they moved and a section of the original rack line used on the pass. It is said that in the construction of the railway as many men died from the fever as there are sleepers in the track.

The original route of the line, through a tunnel 213 m long, past the magnificent waterfall of the Elands River, from which the town got its name, is a national monument.

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