Castle Marina

Castle Marina in Deneysville is known to many residents in the Vaal Triangle and even further afield.

The Castle was built in the early 1960's by an Englishman, Lord Sumner, who fell in love with the area, the vast body of water and the rich history of Deneysville.

Party Palace

In the later 1900‘s the Castle Marina was a real Party Palace, where families, friends and relatives would gather and celebrate New Years, Christmas, Movies and kids and their parents would play Putt Putt, swim in the pool, have Barbecues and family get togethers.


It was not unusual for children and their friends to make up and share ‘scary’ stories about weird animals swimming in the moat around the Castle walls. Of course the draw bridge fueled the boys imaginations, of riding on wild steeds to big adventures, and heroic journeys. It was the stuff of dreams, and a well spring for the lively imagination.

Heritage Piece

During the late 1900’s the grande dame became a heritage piece, a vintage piece of architecture, and a stoic landmark.

Venue Hall

In the early 2000’s the Castle experienced a new restoration - and became a venue for Engagements, Weddings, and other Celebrations. The banquet hall could accommodate approximately 100 guests and the upstairs terrace boasted the best views of the Vaaldam with unsurpassed sunsets. The centre tower became a rustic bar facility and the large kitchen offered caterers ample space to do their preparations.

Masked Ball Fundraiser

As we enter the Spring of 2014 the Castle begins a new era with a masked ball fund raiser. The Castle will be packed to capacity, and one of the former owner’s favourite charities will be beneficiaries at this fundraiser. 

The Castle was, apart from weddings, used for many special occasions; renewing of vows, twenty first birthday parties, special birthdays and anniversaries, as well as year end functions; all in a unique atmosphere of yesteryear.

For Sale

The owner of the castle, an avid yachtsman in the earlier years, passed away in October 2013. This remarkable venue is available for sale, please contact Fran Fainman for further details.

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