Salt pans and several thermal springs are prominent on the prairie country around Dealesville.

The town was established in 1914 on a farm owned by John Deale.

There are sheep farms in the district and maize is grown. 

Some 40 km away is the mineral spring of Florisbad, where rich fossil deposits have been found. The skull of Florisbad Man, dating way back was discovered here in 1930 by Professor Thomas Frederick Dreyer. Florisbad Man's stone implements are among the most primitive ever found. The relics can be seen at the national museum in Bloemfontein.

The plains around the town are so level that water drains into shallow depressions, carrying in mineral salts from the surrounding surface. Constant evaporation of water and its replenishment have concentrated salt in these depressions and many of them are dazzling to the eye, owing to the sun's reflection from the white floors. Large quantitities of salt are heaped nearby, ready for packing.

Numerous wind-pumps provide water for household and agricultural use.

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