The 16th Lintel Restaurant at Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel is all about bringing people together. Everything about this brand new restaurant resolves around its name. The vibe, the décor, the ideals and the food.

The original homestead had a total of 15 support lintels. Keeping true to the Dutch architecture, Mr Malan expanded the building to what Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel is today. With that expansion, he added extra lintels. The first lintel added (the 16th one) was the start of a new era. We saw it fit to name the new restaurant The 16th Lintel, as it too is the start of a new exciting era.

A lintel is seen as a strong, supporting, upholding architectural tool that strengthens a building. The brand new restaurant and the committed team at Kleinkaap also carry those traits. Both the restaurant and the personnel aims to support, uphold and strengthen its visitors and diners. The restaurant name can be seen as the true catalyst of everything about it and inside it.

The 16th Lintel is a place where new ventures start. Friends planning a once in a lifetime trip, business partners shaking hands on a new deal, couples enjoying wine to celebrate their love. The possibilities are infinite. 

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16th Lintel Restaurant
 Darren Beckett

87 Jim van der Merwe street, Clubview, Centurion
0157 Clubview, Centurion
GautengSouth Africa
25° 50′ 26.074″ S, 28° 10′ 38.316″ E
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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