Custodians of a herd of Wild Horses

The Kogelberg Nature Reserve is often referred to as the most beautiful of Cape Nature’s protected areas. It is one of the 5 nature reserves that forms part of The Boland Mountain Complex which is one of the 8 components of the Cape Floral Region, (one of the 8 World Heritage sites in South Africa)

It is situated in the south of the Hottentots – Holland mountain range and has been kept isolated and unspoilt with strict international standards of conservation. It is 90 km south east of Cape Town and is made up of a large area of 18 000 hectares and a few other smaller areas.

The Reserve consists of wilderness areas with:

  • Steep kloofs (ravines)
  • Valleys
  • Palmiet River Tributaries


The Kogelberg Nature Reserve has conserved the vegetation with strict conservation methods making this the best example of Mountain Fynbos in the Western Cape. The reserve has 1 800 different plant species of which 150 are endemic with many magnificent examples of the famous Protea family.

Some of the endangered plants found in the area are:

  • Marsh Rose
  • M. hottentoticus
  • M. capitulates

The nature reserve has 3 areas of relic indigenous forests similar to the Knysna forests.


A herd of wild horses live in the Bot River estuary flats and are the descendants of horses abandoned there by the soldiers of the Anglo–Boer War.

This reserve does not have many large animals besides the occasional Leopard, however a visitor will find:

  • Antelope
  • Baboons
  • Clawless Otters
  • Porcupines

Birds of prey abound in the reserve and include:

  • Black Eagles
  • Fish Eagles
  • Peregrine Falcons


Oudebosch has 5 self-catering eco-cabins with a multi-functional facility for smaller groups.


The number of visitors in the reserve is very strictly controlled and in the less restricted area several activities are permitted:

  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Swimming


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